This project started off as a chronological record of visual representations of emotional distress caused by bullying and childhood traumas. As time has progressed this project has provided much more to the artist than originally intended. Rather than a medium for narrowly channeling experiences only related to childhood and bullying, it has now evolved to represent many other aspects of the symbiosis between himself and the universe. This project represents the situations,connections, and phenomena that create monsters within himself, as well as the monsters who create them. The Monstered Project is here to reveal the human psyche's monstrous elements as well as its ability to create monstrosities in others. It also reveals the self's ability to rid itself of monstrosity and heal other's as well. In a sense, the project presents two sides of the same condition, the symbiosis and antibiosis of monstrosity in humanity through the lens of artist's and spiritual journey through existence in the 21st century. May this project serve as an accurate portrait and testament to the many who live this in this world with these experiences.
~ Friday, January 20 ~
Drawing Time: 6:57 PM January 19, 2012

Drawing Time: 6:57 PM January 19, 2012

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